Aleksandra Komada

Magic in the Young Learners’ Classroom

Making young learners interested in our lessons and the topics we present is the key to success. However, kids are not that easy nowadays… Can we beat cartoons and YouTube? Yes, we can! Introducing a kind of slightly ‘magical’ approach during lessons lets us cross a very special line with our students – a line behind which they will be mesmerised and eager to do what we want them to do! In this session I will show some ‘magical’ procedures that make lessons appealing to children and effective at the same time!

Aleksandra Komada is the director of methodology at Edu Bears, an educational company offering licenced teaching methods for young learners. She is a co-author of Teddy Eddie, an English course for pre-primary students which was nominated for an ELTon Award in the ‘Innovation’ category. An active teacher and teacher trainer, she is currently involved in many educational projects including the Savvy Ed and Edward’s League methods, which are unique language courses for more advanced but still primary-age learners.