Alex Warren

Visual Literacy & The Power of the Image

Throughout our lives, we are the unwitting subjects of an onslaught of images. From the mobile phone in your hand to the products in your supermarket trolley; from the magazines on your coffee table to the train seat in front of you, someone somewhere is trying to convey an idea to you through messages which are primarily visual. While we have all used images to facilitate learning in our teaching – from flashcards to video – do we really know why it is so effective? This session looks at the power of images, the idea of visual literacy and how images can play an integral part in language acquisition and make learning memorable.

Alex is a DELTA trained teacher trainer with over 15 years’ experience. Alex enjoys working with innovative, thought-provoking materials and presenting on a wide range of ELT-related topics, all the while driven by his passion for developing teachers on a global scale and helping them to reach their true potential.