Chris Kunz

Shifting from an EFL to an ELF mindset

The phenomenon of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) has sparked off considerable debate recently. Given that ELF is used in mother tongue as well as in non-native English countries, it is time we looked closely into the linguistic and pragmatic features that are characteristic of this variety of English. Similarly, we should scrutinise the actual importance of these attributes in ELF-aware tests and discuss how and why raters worldwide differ when assessing ELF speaking performance.

ELT Professional in Spain, Argentina, Australia and UK for over 25 years. Has vastly lectured in various countries on ELT Pedagogy, Advanced Language for teachers and English Phonetics and Phonology, and English as a Lingua Franca since 1997.

Is the Anglia Examinations President within the Ibero-American Network. Holds the Cambridge/RSA Certificate and Diploma in ELTA. Is a CELTA Trainer.