Hind Elyas

Enhancing Grammar Teaching through Games: An Interactive Approach

Using games in Teaching grammar plays a significant role in the learning process and is one of the main ways to access student learning and development. The aim of this session is to give examples of how to provide creative and engaging fun activities that can be used to teach grammar. The presenter will also outline the benefits of teaching grammar using games. The participants will leave the session with exciting grammar games, and they will learn how to integrate them into their lessons.

Hind works as an English Instructor at the Leading National Academy, Niagara College, Saudi Arabia.

Her current roles include the IATEFL Global Issues Month Coordinator, Incoming Chair of the TESOL International Professional Development Professional Council, and Executive Secretary at Africa ELTA.

She was selected as a 2021 TESOL International Leadership Mentoring Program Award recipient and a TESOL International Convention Ambassador.