Laura McWilliams & Anna Murray

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21st Century Skills: From Practice to Progress

Increasingly, YL ELT teachers are expected to teach 21st Century skills, yet rarely receive relevant training. All too often, this results in these skills simply being practised/tested, not taught. This talk follows the presenters’ journey in developing strategies to address this issue. Via real examples, participants develop their own ability to plan lesson for teaching, not testing 21st century skills.

Laura McWilliams is an Academic Manager in France, having previously worked in the UK and Egypt. She has presented at numerous international conferences. When it comes to ELT, especially Secondary teaching, she loves incorporating drama, extensive reading, and project work in order to develop autonomous, self-directed learners who have the skills they need to succeed in more than just English.

Anna Murray hails from Ireland and has taught EFL and literature in Uruguay and France since 2010. She currently works in the British Council France as a teacher and secondary coordinator. Apart from teaching, she writes in house materials and runs book clubs for teens. Empowering young learners to thrive through education is her favourite part of her job.