Noelia Garfinkiel & Gabriela Garibotto

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Nurturing emotional intelligence through literature

Recently, theoretical learner-oriented strategies based on enhancing students’ emotional intelligence have been provided to educators to grant academic achievement. However, little has been discussed on how literature and comprehensive sexuality education in a language class can foster the development of emotional intelligence. This workshop will share some insights and practical ideas we have gained after working in EFL classrooms lately.

Noelia Garfinkiel is an international speaker, a graduated English teacher (UMSA) and she holds a BA in Teaching English and Materials Design (UCAECE). She holds a Higher Diploma in Reading, writing, and education (FLACSO), a certificate in Creative Writing for educators (FLACSO), and has specialised in Storytelling (lESLV "Juan Ramon Fernandez")

Gabriela Garibotto is an international speaker, she holds a TEFL degree (UCAECE), is a specialist in emotional intelligence, and holds a degree in Neuro-psychological Education (UBA). She holds a Diploma in Innovation and Educational Technology (UTN) and a Flipped Learning Certification (FL Global Initiative). She has been in charge of the Flipped Learning Electronic Village Online (EVO) Sessions since 2018.