Vicky Saumell

Embracing Technology for the Right Reasons

It has been years since teachers have started using technology to enhance language learning. However, over the years, learning technologies have not always been used in the best interest of learners or teachers… And still, and even more so now after the pandemic, a meaningful use of technological advances can make a world of difference. Whether a teacher, a learner, a writer, a publisher… we have all been faced with a myriad of tech-infused options to. How do we sift through them? What makes a tech-mediated experience successful? What have we learnt? As a passionate learning technologist, I want to invite you to dig out the gems lost in a world of rocks.

Vicky Saumell is a teacher, trainer, materials writer and presenter. She currently teaches at primary and secondary level schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has worked as a writer and trainer for major publishers. She is the Coordinator of IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG. Her current interests are learning technologies and project-based learning.